Friday, November 18, 2011

Are you ready for some football?!

When I think about the fall in New England, I think about the changing of the leaves, endless amount of pumpkin themed foods, sipping hot apple cider and FOOTBALL! I am a huge New York Giants fan and there is nothing that I love more than spending a Sunday afternoon sitting on my couch watching the game or better yet actually going to the game! I am so lucky that my family has season tickets and I get to go to as many games as I want. I am THE fan in the family so everyone else's wants take a backseat to mine, sorry Slater! I grew up a Giants fan and I could not imagine supporting any other team. I have always had a soft spot for quaterbacks so its no surprise that Eli Manning is my favorite player. I will always be a Giants fan and lets just say my kids will be too (sorry future husband!)

To me football is not just about watching the game itself. Half of the fun of actually going to the game is the tailgate! Every game we set up in our usual spot, in the media reserved lot may I we manage to get into the lot every time I have no idea but it works. Everyone brings so much food that you would think we were expecting 100 people instead of the usual 30 or so. We cook everything from steaks to burgers to the most amazing swordfish you will ever have (that's what I look forward to)! And of course there is always an endless amount of alcohol to go around hahaha. I always over eat and feel sick the next day but it is so worth it because the food is just so good!

My main man: Eli Manning

strahan hat.jpg
Michael Strahan. Super Bowl XLII Champs! 

Taken at the Giants vs Eagles game on 11/20/2011.

xoxo Katelynn

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