Friday, March 30, 2012

Tax Refund= New Shoes!

Don't you just love when tax season rolls around and you get that lovely little pay check in the mail, its like free money (even though its not haha) but its a welcome surprise. So with my return this year I plan on buying these....

Jack Roger's Monogrammed Sandals!

Shockingly I don't own the pink and white so I am definitely getting this pair! They are the perfect way to untie two of my favorite things...Jack roger sandals and monogram. 
There are tons of other colors that they come in and they even make them in wide now! 

xoxo Katelynn

Thursday, March 29, 2012


So last weekend I got the chance to go back and visit UCONN for the night for my friend Katie's birthday and let me tell you it was AWESOME! It was me and 4 of my other friend's who went up for the night and it was like we never left. I miss it so much. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Me and Lauren at dinner- what better way to celebrate a birthday than Italian!

All the girls! From left to right: Megan, Katie (the birthday girl!), Lauren, Me, Alyssa and Kelsie!


Haha roles are reversed- usually I'm the short stack- love you Kelsie!

Me and the birthday girl!

All the girls at the bar! Note the bunny ears hahaha

At the end of the night- yeppp that's us digging into the neon pink birthday cake I made for Katie haha

Can't wait to visit for my semi-formal in 2 weeks! 
xoxo Katelynn

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anchor's Away!

I know I already did a post about anchors but I am just so in love with them, PLUS I was fooling around on and came across the cutest anchor inspired baby clothes. Not that I have kids or anyone to buy these clothes for, I knew I just had to do a post on them because they are absolutely adorable...

This is just too precious! Also comes in pink and two other patterns. 

You can do mommy and baby matching swim suits this year!

Is this not the cutest diaper bag you've ever seen?!

xx Katelynn

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Hunger Games

So I have totally been MIA lately and have missed out on a great post but guess what I saw at midnight on March 23rd?!
OMG it was amazing! I actually went with my little brother Slater because none of my friends have read the books. Quite a date right? hahaha. Well I have read the series twice already and I though they did an amazing job. Like always, there were parts of the book missing but you can't incorporate everything from the book. But regardless they kept the most important themes and stuck relative true to the book. There was one part about the mockingjay pin that they changed but I won't go into that for you who haven't read them  yet. If you haven't seen the movie or read the books yet I highly suggest you do so. You won't be disappointed :)

The Tributes!

Katniss and Peeta

Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence)

And may the odd's ever be in your favor.....

xoxo Katelynn

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Summer Lovin'

I can't even begin to tell you how exceptional the weather has been here in CT over the past few days. Today its even supposed to get up to 70! Wish I had the day off because I would absolutely be at the beach. So in honor of the warm weather and summer quickly approaching my post is all pictures I have found online that celebrate the summer!

Summer come soon!

xoxo Katelynn

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Mint Edition

I'm not usually one to keep up with the latest fashion trends. My style is preppy so I tend to stick with what I know...polo shirts, sperry's, jeans, anything JCrew or Lilly. But this season I am keeping up with the trends because I am head over heels for mint! It just screams spring and happiness and pastels (which are a prep's best friend) so I am a happy camper right now. Here are some of the fun mint inspired clothes and accessories I found that I must have...

I saw this on Pinterest. I really kinda want it!

I bought these at Urban Outfitters over the weekend! 

In LOVE with Essie Mint Candy Apple

Love Vineyard Vines Shorts! They sure do know how to make perfect pastels!

And if you need a guide on how to wear you mint jeans, this is perfect for you!

And with all this talk about mint, I just couldn't resist sharing with you my favorite kind of ice cream. You guess it, mint chocolate chip! And it must be green or else it doesn't count in my book haha

xoxo Katelynn

Monday, March 19, 2012

Running Playlist

With all my new found free time, I have been hitting the gym up a lot lately. I have always enjoyed working out but with the summer approaching fast (did winter even happen?) its never too early to get ready for bikini season! When I hit the gym, I must have my ipod with me or else I get some serious ADD when on the elliptical or treadmill. And lately I have really been in to techno music which is perfect company for the elliptical! 
Hope you find some good ones...

1. Rum and Redbull Remix- Redman
2. Rack City- Tyga
3. Reverse Levels
4. Levels- Avicii
5. Drowning- Armin van Buuren (Avicii remix)
6. Summer Weekned- DJ Trademark
7. Titanium- David Guetta feat. Sia
8. No Church in the Wild- Kanye West and Jay-Z
9. Superman- Taylor Swift
10. Niggas in Paris- Kanye West and Jay-Z
11. Make Me Wanna Die- The Pretty Reckless
12. Good Feeling- Flo Rida
13. Vamos a la Playa- unknown artist (found it on youtube haha)

Okay so if you can't tell from that little playlist I listen to every and any kind of music. If I had to choose one genre as my favorite it would probably be rap, yes I am 100% serious. For a little white preppy girl from Greenwich, CT I am obsessed with rap hahaha. But definitely take a listen to some of the ones I listed, I think you will enjoy some of them.

xoxo Katelynn

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Irish Oreo Truffles

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! 
Okay so I know I am a day late but I didn't have time to post yesterday before I went to work then headed out to Long Island to visit some of my friends from college for the night. But I did want to post about what I made as a little house warming present...Oreo Truffles. But these were not just any ordinary oreo truffle, they were mint flavored and GREEN! 
The ingredients- oreo cookies, cream cheese and some chocolate. Can you say simple?!

Step 1- crush 1 package of oreos until very fine. You don't really want any chunks in your mix. My mom yelled at me one time for not crushing them fine enough hahaha

Step 2- add one package of room temperature cream cheese, mix until well combined. Then form into 1 inch balls. Place on a lined cookie sheet then place in freezer for about 15-20 minutes until hardened. You will want to do this so when you dip them in the chocolate they won't crumble on you :)

Step 3- melt chocolate according to package. I used green Wilton candy melts but you can use white, dark or milk chocolate as well. Just make sure you have enough! Drop oreo truffle into the chocolate, cover completely, shake off excess chocolate and place back onto wax paper and let harden.

How cute?! They are just so delicious and so simple which makes them even better!
Many thanks to for this amazing recipe! And definitely check out her website for more amazing dessert recipes.

Everyone at the party enjoyed these! Perfect for when you have the drunk munchies hahaha

Ps- hope you liked the green font. I was feeling extra Irish inspired today! hahaha
xoxo Katelynn

Thursday, March 15, 2012

If only I needed ANOTHER watch...

I'm a little embarrassed to say that I never owned a real watch until last May when I got one from my parents for graduation. Over the summer leading into my senior year of college I was working in NYC and saw a woman with a beautiful Burberry watch and had to have it. Well I never did buy it, so for my graduation my parents surprised me! I had NO idea I was getting it. My brother had already kinda spilled the beans about me getting an iPad in the car on the way to lunch so I assumed that was my only gift. So when I opened the watch I was in shock. 

But the point of this post is not to get all sentimental about my watch but to show you how obsessed I am with Kate Spade's new line of watches!
I am currently unemployed so buying another watch when I already have one is totally out of the question but I can't help looking at them all the time, they are just too cute! I may have to splurge and buy one haha
The Cooper Watch ($195)- "an institution among watches". I mean who wouldn't want a hot pink watch?! But for those who aren't in love with pink or want something more practical for everyday use, the Cooper also comes in yellow, black, brown, beige, aqua and white. Okay so maybe some of those colors aren't practical but they sure are cute!

Here is the Cooper Watch again in aqua...ughhh how do I pick just one?!

If you like a more chunky style watch then this is perfect for you. I have relative little wrists so I think this one may look funny on my arm but I love the hot pink spade at the top and the pink hands Little touches like these just make a piece go from ordinary to special. 
Gramercy Grand Watch ($225)

This may be my favorite! I saw it one Pinterest one day and immediately went to see where I could find it and how much it cost. Its still girly because its pink but you could definitely wear it every day. Again it has the spade at the top which I adore. And even though the face is gold, I still love it. I tend not to look good in gold. Its simple yet stylish, practical but won't go unnoticed. Its a must have.
Metro Watch ($195) and comes in other colors too!

I'm not the biggest fan of this one but I think the concept is just so cool. It looks like a bangle but is a watch! What better way to solve the dilemma of wearing both your watch and bracelet on the same wrist? 
Carousel Bangle ($250)

xoxo Katelynn

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Momma's Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda Bread 

I am Irish and everyone knows the Irish are terrible cooks. All the Irish know how to cook is meat and potatoes, so surprisingly my mom is a pretty good cook. And when it comes to cooking a classic Irish food, my mom makes a mean Irish Soda Bread. She makes it throughout the year so we don't go through withdrawals too badly but its not like she makes it every other week. 
On Christmas morning its a tradition that we have it for breakfast, toasted with butter and a big cup of coffee. This year she almost didn't make one because we were at our friends' house for Christmas Eve dinner but I pitched a fit and she made one. Obviously she makes it every year for St. Patrick's Day but we also have it for Easter and Thanksgiving. It's a Jones family tradition to have soda bread at almost every holiday. 
So with St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, my mom is getting ready to start baking up a storm. She's got her list of people who get one every year. I think she is even going to let me help this time. I've only made one before and it came out terrible because I am the baker in the family! In celebration of St. Patrick's Day, I want to share my mom's recipe with you all and hope you give it a try! You WON'T be disappointed!

    1 cup sugar
    4 tsp. baking powder
    1 tsp. salt
    4 cups flour
    2 eggs
    1 cup milk
    3 Tbsp Caraway seeds
    1 box of raisins (small box)

1. I large mixing bowl ift sugar, baking powder, salt and flour. In a smaller bowl combine eggs and milk. Add to flour mixture and stir with fork until well mixed. Add in caraway seeds and raisins and stir until well combined. 
2. Place on a greased cookie sheet- do not form into any shape, any way it comes out is fine. 
3. Bake at 350 for an hour and 15 minutes until golden brown on top

xoxo Katelynn