Monday, March 19, 2012

Running Playlist

With all my new found free time, I have been hitting the gym up a lot lately. I have always enjoyed working out but with the summer approaching fast (did winter even happen?) its never too early to get ready for bikini season! When I hit the gym, I must have my ipod with me or else I get some serious ADD when on the elliptical or treadmill. And lately I have really been in to techno music which is perfect company for the elliptical! 
Hope you find some good ones...

1. Rum and Redbull Remix- Redman
2. Rack City- Tyga
3. Reverse Levels
4. Levels- Avicii
5. Drowning- Armin van Buuren (Avicii remix)
6. Summer Weekned- DJ Trademark
7. Titanium- David Guetta feat. Sia
8. No Church in the Wild- Kanye West and Jay-Z
9. Superman- Taylor Swift
10. Niggas in Paris- Kanye West and Jay-Z
11. Make Me Wanna Die- The Pretty Reckless
12. Good Feeling- Flo Rida
13. Vamos a la Playa- unknown artist (found it on youtube haha)

Okay so if you can't tell from that little playlist I listen to every and any kind of music. If I had to choose one genre as my favorite it would probably be rap, yes I am 100% serious. For a little white preppy girl from Greenwich, CT I am obsessed with rap hahaha. But definitely take a listen to some of the ones I listed, I think you will enjoy some of them.

xoxo Katelynn

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