Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Being Irish Week!

In celebration of it being St. Patrick's Day on Saturday, I've decided to dedicated all my posts to the wonders of being Irish this week. You probably wouldn't guess by looking at me but I am 100% Irish. 

That's me on the left!  I'm sure the brown hair, brown eyes and the semi tan make you think I am totally not Irish haha. 

I am lucky enough to have been given the wonderful opportunity of studying abroad when I was in college. Like most students, I went the second semester of my junior year. And although it wasn't exactly the trip I was hoping for I had a blast. I studied in Italy but was lucky enough to travel back to the homeland, Ireland! So I want to share some 'real' pictures with you all and not ones that I pulled from the internet!

That's me at the Guinness Factory! I'm on the right and yes my hair is curly haha. For some reason the front curled the whole time I was abroad. It was very strange since I have straight hair

The Liffy- the river that runs right through Dublin. So pretty!

St. Patrick's Church- Dublin, Ireland

Inside Trinity College- Dublin, Ireland

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into Ireland and get ready for more posts all about Ireland to come!
xoxo Katelynn

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