Sunday, March 18, 2012

Irish Oreo Truffles

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! 
Okay so I know I am a day late but I didn't have time to post yesterday before I went to work then headed out to Long Island to visit some of my friends from college for the night. But I did want to post about what I made as a little house warming present...Oreo Truffles. But these were not just any ordinary oreo truffle, they were mint flavored and GREEN! 
The ingredients- oreo cookies, cream cheese and some chocolate. Can you say simple?!

Step 1- crush 1 package of oreos until very fine. You don't really want any chunks in your mix. My mom yelled at me one time for not crushing them fine enough hahaha

Step 2- add one package of room temperature cream cheese, mix until well combined. Then form into 1 inch balls. Place on a lined cookie sheet then place in freezer for about 15-20 minutes until hardened. You will want to do this so when you dip them in the chocolate they won't crumble on you :)

Step 3- melt chocolate according to package. I used green Wilton candy melts but you can use white, dark or milk chocolate as well. Just make sure you have enough! Drop oreo truffle into the chocolate, cover completely, shake off excess chocolate and place back onto wax paper and let harden.

How cute?! They are just so delicious and so simple which makes them even better!
Many thanks to for this amazing recipe! And definitely check out her website for more amazing dessert recipes.

Everyone at the party enjoyed these! Perfect for when you have the drunk munchies hahaha

Ps- hope you liked the green font. I was feeling extra Irish inspired today! hahaha
xoxo Katelynn

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