Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My favorite sandals!

Jack Rogers' Flagship Location

If it were up to me, I would be wearing shorts and sandals everyday. But the reality of it is I live in New England and that's just not possible. Trust me, you will catch me in my Rainbows in February on those unnaturally warm days but according to my mom I look dumb lol. So as I wait eagerly for the warm weather to arrive (its supposed to snow today ughhh) I am dedicating this post to my favorite sandals of all time...Jack Rogers!

Image of Jack Rogers Navajo sandal
Have these and love them! They go with just about everything and are my go to pair right behind...

THESE! I ADORE my gold pair! I wear them with literally eveything and for every occassion. I wear them casually with my shorts and tank in the summer, the go perfectly with all my Lilly outfits, I wear them to work with my pencil skirts basically everyday. I am definitely getting my money's worth out of these!

I'm a little embarassed to say I actually don't have this color! As I have said before blue is my favorite color, there for I have the navy and sky blue ones. I'm thinking this could be the newest pair added to my collection this summer. What do you think?

And if you thought Jack Rogers couldn't get any more perfect, well they just did! I am totally getting these! Maybe I will get them in pink instead of getting the classic many options!

I don't have these but I sure do want them! Marbella Espadrille Platform ($178)

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Now you can even show your school spirit on your feet!

To check out the rest of the collegiate collection and all the other amazing sandals that Jack Rogers offers check out their website at:

xoxo Katelynn

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Delivery at Lilly

Just In
I'm so excited to go to work tonight because I can finally buy clothes from the new delivery at Lilly! In order to make our lives easier, my boss had the new delivery split so we received it last Friday so we all got a sneak peak and what we got! And let me tell you there are some winners in that delivery. It's time for me to spruce up my wardrobe since spring/summer are on their way and wearing bright colors is acceptable in the corporate world!

Amberly Dress
This dress is just too precious! At first I was very hesitant about the bow. I am NOT a bow or ruffles kind of girl. But I tried it on (in this print) and its too cute for words. This is the Amberly Dress in Prep Green Pink Twinkle ($228) Fits similar to the Blossom Dress which is a classic lilly style that you can always count on.

Tate Skirt
I am a sucker for seersucker! This new tate skirt in Hotty Pink Lucky Seersucker ($108) is perfect! And even looks great with the Patricia Sweater ($128)

Elsa Top Ruffles
A new take on the classic Elsa top. Remember when I said I wasn't a ruffles kind of girl? Well this is about as much as I can take. Complete with Swiss Dots, this Elsa Top w/ Ruffles ($138) is perfect for any occassion.

Mimosa Skirt
It's no question that my favorite color is blue and that I love anything nautical, so I am extra happy this Spring that royal blue is in! This Mimosa Skirt in Worth Blue Swizzle Stripe ($98) is absolutely adorable.
Buttercup Short
I am super excited to pick these up! The Spring Fever Toille print is by far my favorite print for Spring 2012. The scalloping on these shorts take them to a whole new cuteness level. Can't wait to pick them up. Better yet I can't wait for the warm weather so I can start wearing them! Cuttercup Short ($68)

Hope you enjoyed my list! I'll let you know what I ended up getting tomorrow haha
xoxo Katelynn

Friday, February 24, 2012

Amori de Cani

Amore dei Cani means "For the Love of Dogs" and what better way to show your love for your dog than on a pair of shoes?
A family friend started this business as a way to put her artistic talents and love for her dogs together. It started out as a shoe company which sported gold/silver dog medallions, but has since grown to include purses, wallets, picture frames and belts. And you can now show your love for horse and cat as well! 
Here are some examples of her shoes and bags...
Tortoise Patent Loafers. Pick either a gold or silver medallion depending on your style and preferance

Faux Suede Loafer

How about a belt buckle? Comes with your choice of either a brown or black belt.

In need of a satchel bag?

Here are all the medallions that are offered with more to come on the way!

To find out more about Amore dei Cani you can visit their website
xoxo Katelynn

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Looking for something Nautical?

If you asked any one of my friends to describe my style, they would immediately say preppy.
And how could they not? Growing up in Greenwich, CT you are surrounded by the ultimate
preppy lifestyle. And within this category of being preppy there is one that I absolutely love
but look dumb wearing…Nautical. Despite what many would assume, I am not a sailor. I’ve never
even been on a sailboat! But I do love a good nautical inspired outfit. And for that, I hit up
Vineyard Vines…take a look
If seersucker doesn’t scream nautical, then I don’t know what does!
Stripes are the ultimate nautical attire. Pair with your favorite white jeans and boat shoes and you are good to go!
How about a bathing suit for those lazy days just chilling on the boat?
The Stow and Go jacket. Perfect for those unexpected rainstorms
What’s more preppy than embroidered shorts with whales on them?!
The classic patchwork tote bag- a staple in my wardrobe for years now. It’s the perfect bag for every occasion- use it to carry your books to class, as your everyday bag. It even makes the perfect beach bag since it has many inside pockets that zip shut to keep the sand out of your cell phone.

No wardrobe can be complete without owning a few of these classic polos

I saw these on another blog (College Prep) and fell in love with them!
Lemon & Line Nautical Bracelets ($25)
And for my last picture…I know they are not made by Vineyard Vines but how can you complete a nautical look without finishing it off with Sperry Topsiders?!
Women's Angelfish Slip-On Boat Shoe
xoxo Katelynn

Sunday, February 19, 2012

20 Questions

The other night I somehow got thinking about the game 20 questions. I could not tell you why but I was. It reminded me of being in high school on the first day of class when you have to introduce yourself to 

the person sitting next to you. 
Or even better, in my co-ed fraternity in college we had to do 'brother interviews' where you had to interview x amount of brothers and your fellow pledges and you had to make up 20 questions to ask. 
They could be anything from your name to what you want to be when you grow up to the most ridiculous thing you could think of. 
So I figured, what better way to let you know a little more about myself than play 20 Questions?! 
Hope you enjoy!


1. What is your full name? Katelynn Jones (we will pass on the middle name lol)
2. Where are you from? Riverside, Connecticut
3. How many siblings do you have? One brother, Slater (14) and one sister, Shannon (19)
4. Do you have any pets? Yes! 2 adorable puppies- Shadow, black lab (9 months) and Bodie, golden retriever (2)
5. What is your dream car? 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang Convertible in Red with white interior and white top!
6. What is your favorite food? Hmmm..... does the whole dessert category count?! hahaha
7. Favorite Color? Considering I'm a lilly girl you would think it would be pink but its actually blue!
8. Where did you go to college? The University of Connecticut- Go Huskies! Class of 2011
9. If you could go to one place in the world, where would it be? Egypt- to see the pyramids
10. Favorite vacation spot? Either the Hamptons or Martha's Vineyard, its a toss up
11. What is your nationality? Kiss me I'm Irish 
12. What do you want to be when you grow up? A mommy :) 
13. Which do you prefer- planes, trains or automobiles? I LOVE cars, but planes are so cool! I want to learn how to fly so badly
14. What was your most memorable Christmas present? My golden retriever Scout when I was 10
15. Do you have a job? Yeppp- I have 2! Full time employee at Alliance Bernstein as a financial analyst (I made it to the big times) and part-time at Lilly Pulitzer!
16. What was the last vacation you went on? Costa Rica with the parents- it was amazing!
17. Cake or ice cream? Ice cream cake anyone? hahaha 
18. Dark or milk chocolate? I'll eat any of it as long as its chocolate lol
19. Favorite place to shop? Yes I work at Lilly Pulitzer, and yes I love her stuff but my answer has got to be JCew. Sorry Lilly :(
20. Interesting facts- My right leg is longer than my left by 1/2 inch and I have a fake tooth! I'm quite the mess 

Costa Rican Vacation

So its been about a week since I got home from Costa Rica and its sad that I am just posting about it now. Well let me tell you, it was probably the most relaxing vacation I have ever been on! Because I tagged on to my dad's work vacation, I literally had no schedule except for when I went zip-lining one morning. 

We stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel on the Penninsula Papagayo and this was hands down the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in. There was absolutely no reason to leave because everything was on the property. And for all you big spenders out there, if you can afford to stay in the villas you have your own pool so there is no reason to even come down to the main part of the hotel! 

I didn't take that many pictures for some reason and I don't think I have any of me in them either but here's what I have...enjoy!

Mom and Dad reading the morning 'paper' aka articles clipped from the New York Times and printed out on computer paper. Complete with world news. the sports section, a crossword puzzle and a sudoku!
Me getting ready to try standup paddle boarding for the first time! (in my Lilly bikini)

Almost there...

And I'm up! Jennifer Anniston you got nothing on me haha. It was surprisingly not as hard as I thought it was going to be. I could definitely see how it would get harder if there were waves

How beautiful?!

Hot Tub!
Hope you enjoyed my pictures! For better pictures of the hotel you can visit:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Summer Styling in New England

I'm pretty sure its safe to say that summer clothes are by FAR the best. During the winter all I want to do is curl up in my yoga pants and a sweatshirt, but come summer time its hard to get me out of my JCrew
shorts and a white t-shirt. So when I think of classic New England style I tend to think of summer clothes...
Sperry Topsiders, JCrew shorts, polo shirts from Ralph Lauren or Vineyard Vines, Jack Rogers, Rainbows
and of course Lilly Pulitzer.
With all the spring and summer collections starting to hit stores I have picked out a few things I must have!

3" chino short
By far the best shorts out there- JCrew 3" chino shorts ($45)

Ricci Shift
For all you Lilly lovers out there! The Ricci Shift in Lilly's State of Mind ($188)

Embroidered Whale Dayboat Shorts
I'm totally a JCrew shorts kinda girl, but I MUST have these!
Vineyard Vines Embroidered Whale Dayboat shorts ($98)

The perfect polo shirt- Vineyard Vines Classic Polo ($65)

Knit tunic dress in stripe
If stripes don't scream New England style then I don't know what does!

The perfect shoe!

With so many to colors how can you choose just one?!
Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals ($105- ouch price increase!)

How can you say no to monogramming?!
Monogrammed Jack Rogers ($158)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Color Run

Yesterday as I was surfing the internet for running gear and a half marathon training schedule, I stumbled upon (no pun intented lol) something called The Color Run. I have seen pictures on pinterest recently of people in running clothes but splattered in neon paint. Well, I went on to their website to check it out and this is what I basically end up looking like you went to Day Glow but you actually just ran a 5K!

According to the website, each kilometer of the race is associated with a different color powder that they throw on you. As you can see in the diagram above, you can choose to be in either the 'high color lane' or the 'low color lane' depending on how messy you want to look by the end. The website says you can even eat the stuff! I think I'll pass on that one...

The Color Run is comig to NYC August 25th and I already have friends talking about wanting to do it!
To check out more about The Color Run you can go to to find when its coming to a city near you :)

xoxo, Katelynn 

Monday, February 13, 2012

It's Training Time

One of my goals for 2012 is to get back into running. Running has not always been my favorite form of exercise, especially since I have the knees of a 90 year old, but I am convinced its the best form of exercise. As my senior year of college was wrapping up in April/May 2011 I found I had a lot of free time on my hands and the weather seemed to be extraordinary for that time of the year. So I took my spare time and hit the pavement. I was running about 3.5 miles a few times a week and was feeling great. I just loved being outside in the sun and getting in a great workout. Well needless to say, I fell off that bandwagon faster than you can imagine once I graduated. A full time job got in the way and with the warm weather starting to fade, so did my running career.

I've always wanted to run a half marathon. My dad ran the NYC Marathon three times when I was younger and it kind of inspired me. He ran his first at 40 years old and if he could do it at that age, why can't I do half that at 22? Today I went looking for a training plan, and this is what I found...

1Rest2 miRest2.5 miRest3 mi20-30 min EZ run or cross-train
2Rest2 milesRest3 miCT or Rest4 mi20-30 min EZ run or cross-train
3Rest2.5 miCT3 miRest5 mi20-30 min EZ run or cross-train
4Rest3 miCT4 miRest6 mi20-30 min EZ run or cross-train
5Rest3 miCT3 miRest7 mi30 min EZ run or cross-train
6Rest4 miCT4 miRest8 mi30 min EZ run or cross-train
7Rest4 miRest4 miCT9 mi30 min EZ run or cross-train
8Rest4 miCT3 miRest10 mi30 min EZ run or cross-train
9Rest5 miCT4 miRest11 miRest
1030 min EZ run or cross-train4 miRest3 miCT12 mi30 min EZ run or cross-train
11RestCTRest3 miCT5 mi30 min EZ run or cross-train
12Rest2 mi20 minutesRest20 minutesRace Day!Rest Day!

Its been a while since I have really gone for a good run, so I don't intend on starting this on Monday. I'm going to give myself until March 1 to get back into the groove of running and then will hit this hard. I have already found the half that I want to run. Its the Fairfielf Half Marathon and its on June 24. That should give me ample time to train and complete this 12 week program!

Lately I have been having trouble getting myself to the gym so I am thinking what better way to motivate myself than some new sneakers and workout clothes?! I will definitely be hitting up the Nike store to get some new shorts and Asics for sneakers :)

GT-2170 G-TX T260N Womens
Asics 2170 G-TX- I MUST HAVE THESE! Not only are they the model I usually wear, but they are hot pink and favorite colors!

Nike Tempo Track Women's Running Shorts
My favorite running short ever- Nike Temp Short ($32). They come in so many colors its just too hard to choose one! My roommate from college said I was addicted to them haha

Wish me luck!
xoxo Katelynn