Sunday, February 19, 2012

Costa Rican Vacation

So its been about a week since I got home from Costa Rica and its sad that I am just posting about it now. Well let me tell you, it was probably the most relaxing vacation I have ever been on! Because I tagged on to my dad's work vacation, I literally had no schedule except for when I went zip-lining one morning. 

We stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel on the Penninsula Papagayo and this was hands down the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in. There was absolutely no reason to leave because everything was on the property. And for all you big spenders out there, if you can afford to stay in the villas you have your own pool so there is no reason to even come down to the main part of the hotel! 

I didn't take that many pictures for some reason and I don't think I have any of me in them either but here's what I have...enjoy!

Mom and Dad reading the morning 'paper' aka articles clipped from the New York Times and printed out on computer paper. Complete with world news. the sports section, a crossword puzzle and a sudoku!
Me getting ready to try standup paddle boarding for the first time! (in my Lilly bikini)

Almost there...

And I'm up! Jennifer Anniston you got nothing on me haha. It was surprisingly not as hard as I thought it was going to be. I could definitely see how it would get harder if there were waves

How beautiful?!

Hot Tub!
Hope you enjoyed my pictures! For better pictures of the hotel you can visit:

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