Friday, February 24, 2012

Amori de Cani

Amore dei Cani means "For the Love of Dogs" and what better way to show your love for your dog than on a pair of shoes?
A family friend started this business as a way to put her artistic talents and love for her dogs together. It started out as a shoe company which sported gold/silver dog medallions, but has since grown to include purses, wallets, picture frames and belts. And you can now show your love for horse and cat as well! 
Here are some examples of her shoes and bags...
Tortoise Patent Loafers. Pick either a gold or silver medallion depending on your style and preferance

Faux Suede Loafer

How about a belt buckle? Comes with your choice of either a brown or black belt.

In need of a satchel bag?

Here are all the medallions that are offered with more to come on the way!

To find out more about Amore dei Cani you can visit their website
xoxo Katelynn

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