Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My favorite sandals!

Jack Rogers' Flagship Location

If it were up to me, I would be wearing shorts and sandals everyday. But the reality of it is I live in New England and that's just not possible. Trust me, you will catch me in my Rainbows in February on those unnaturally warm days but according to my mom I look dumb lol. So as I wait eagerly for the warm weather to arrive (its supposed to snow today ughhh) I am dedicating this post to my favorite sandals of all time...Jack Rogers!

Image of Jack Rogers Navajo sandal
Have these and love them! They go with just about everything and are my go to pair right behind...

THESE! I ADORE my gold pair! I wear them with literally eveything and for every occassion. I wear them casually with my shorts and tank in the summer, the go perfectly with all my Lilly outfits, I wear them to work with my pencil skirts basically everyday. I am definitely getting my money's worth out of these!

I'm a little embarassed to say I actually don't have this color! As I have said before blue is my favorite color, there for I have the navy and sky blue ones. I'm thinking this could be the newest pair added to my collection this summer. What do you think?

And if you thought Jack Rogers couldn't get any more perfect, well they just did! I am totally getting these! Maybe I will get them in pink instead of getting the classic many options!

I don't have these but I sure do want them! Marbella Espadrille Platform ($178)

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Now you can even show your school spirit on your feet!

To check out the rest of the collegiate collection and all the other amazing sandals that Jack Rogers offers check out their website at:

xoxo Katelynn

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