Sunday, March 4, 2012

Monogram It

Fashion Trend Alert: Monogramming
If you aren't using Pinterest, then you might not have noticed how monogramming is taking over. Luckily 
for me I have always loved monogramming so I can rightfully say I am a head of this curve haha. I remember my freshman year of high school (2003) t-shirts with your first initial on the breast were really popular. I had a black one with a hot pink 'K' on it and adored it. But like all trends, that came and went but I never really got over it.
For christmas my junior year, I got my signet ring from my uncle and haven't taken it off 6 years later. Now I have a cut out necklace of my initials that I absolutely adore and just like my ring, I never take off. I was told at work one day that these necklaces were the it Christmas item. Well let me just say I had mine a full year before! So if your a prep like me, monogramming is nothing new but for all you new to the monogramming world, here a few of my favorite monogrammed items...

I HAVE to have this for the summer! Now all I need to find is a plain bandeau. Harder said than done let me tell you lol
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Looks just like mine :) I  have it in silver and get more compliments on it than you could ever imagine.

What a perfect gift. Its personal, useful and absolutely adorable! They would make great wedding gifts too!

First of all I LOVE the outfit! That skirt is just too cute. But the matching hat with the cute! Might have to get it and head to the polo matches this summer 

Only if I had an iPhone......

xoxo Katelynn

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