Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Missing Italy!

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to study abroad my junior year of college and even luckier to study in ITALY! I can't believe its been over two years since I left for my European Adventure. I'm feeling a little nostalgic right now because Easter just passed and two years ago I spent my Easter holiday on the Amalfi Coast, how spoiled was I?!
Hope you enjoy my little trip down memory lane....

First stop....Florence. Taken on the Ponte Vecchio. Can't wait to go back some day!

Next stop...Possitano! This place was absolutely beautiful! We spent the whole entire day on the beach eating gelato. It was perfect to say the least. 
Ps. that's me in my Jcrew shorts and Vineyard Vines bag in hand haha

Finally we made it to Capri! This was take on our way to the Blue Grotto which was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. I highly suggest if you ever get the chance to spend some time in Italy you travel to the Amalifi Coast, and Carpi in particular, and do the Blue Grotto tour

Happy Easter! All of us on the island of Capri with our Kinder Egg! Its a giant egg plastic egg covered in chocolate that is filled with a toy on the inside. This is what Italian kids get instead of Easter baskets. How cute?! And not to mention that the chocolate is amazing as well

Missing Italy so much right now. Take me back please!
xoxo Katelynn

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