Monday, April 9, 2012

Saturday please come faster!

I know its only Monday but I cannot WAIT for the weekend to be here because I am going back up to UCONN for weekend! In college I was part of Phi Sigma Pi, the National Honors fraternity (sounds dorky I know) and am lucky that I still have a ton of friends in college so I will get to one last semi-formal. And then I am staying Sunday night as well for Sunday fun-day with a few of my friends. 

This is my semi dress! Isn't it adorable?! I was not sure how I felt about the peplum on the sides but this is my kind of dress and I just couldn't pass it up. And of course it is a Lilly Dress, would you expect anything less from me haha.

This is the necklace I plan on wearing (no these are not my initials lol). I got mine for my 21st birthday last December from a jewelry store in town but this one is from a great website called Marley Lilly. Its the best website for anyone who is obsessed with monogram because they monogram about everything you can think of!

I can't believe I found a picture of the wedges I am going to wear! They are Michael Kors but they are from last summer (and stolen from my sister haha) but I think they will work perfectly with the dress and that way I won't have to buy new shoes. 

Hope you like my outfit!
xoxo Katelynn

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